In choosing which interlock device to use for our customers, much time was spent searching for the most reliable and easiest to use device. This search led to the use of the Drager Interlock. Drager is the worlds largest manufacturer of both ignition interlock devices and of the breathalyzers used by law-enforcement agencies world-wide.

Product Features

The Drager Interlock XT is the most advanced unit in the marketplace. The heated electrochemical fuel cell and breath sample path ways provide an extremely reliable and accurate measurement. Utilizing the most advanced technology this device is smaller and more contoured than the Model 920.

  • Blow Pattern TechnologyThe Drager device uses a patented blow pattern making the device extremely easy to use. It helps insure that the air channel is clear of any interference while also insuring that a human is presenting the sample and not some other tool. Additionally, the user does not have to remember anything but how to breathe in and out when using the device.
  • Never Deactivate a Running VehicleA very important safety feature in our system is that our devices will never deactivate your car or cause it to behave erratically should you either fail or fail to present a test after your vehicle is running. At no time will you have to stop your car in the middle of traffic to provide an additional sample to keep it running.
  • Stall ProtectionAs an additional safety feature, this interlock affords a generous period of time between the engine being deactivated and the device resetting. This keeps the driver from having to present another sample of breath if his or her engine were to stall.
  • Replaceable TubesThe breathing tubes in the interlock are replaceable, removable, and cleanable. This means that you can sanitize the surface that comes in contact with the user in the case of an illness or multiple users.
  • Fuel Cell TechnologyThis device employs an electrochemical fuel cell as the means of testing presented samples. This device insures that our interlock will only detect alcohol. Some devices actually detect cigarette smoke and other pollutants leading to false positive readings. This will not be a worry with this device.
  • Advanced Data LogThe data log in this device not only records violations, but also successful activations of the vehicle. Additionally, a great deal about each violation is recorded. This helps to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of information provided to see whether the driver simply used mouthwash, which would usually dissipate before the next test would be needed, simply changed his or her mind about starting the car, deactivated the vehicle before the retest time had lapsed, or many other situations. This added information greatly protects the driver from running into problems with violations at the DMV.

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