THE PROCESS Installation

We make it easy to get back on the road fast!

1 Call to set up an appointment We'll get all the information from you that we need and answer any questions you might have. (Appointments can be made as quickly as next day)
2 Bring your vehicle to one of our locations throughout the state Try our device on our demonstration unit. Once you are completely comfortable, we will install the device in your vehicle. (note: installation takes approximately an hour-and-a-half)
3 Obtain your license Once installed, we will give you all the paperwork necessary to get your license restored. Have someone drive you to a regional MVC (do not drive yourself) with your paperwork. You will get an Interlock restricted drivers license and can enjoy driving with your Interlock.

Monitoring Now that you are back on the roads, the state requires that you bring your vehicle back to our location every 60 days after your installation, so we can check the device and send a report to the state. (Your device will give a service reminder prior to your appointment date)

Removal After you have completed your term simply bring your vehicle in to have the device removed for free! You may continue to drive with your current drivers license because the restriction will no longer apply, or you may have a new license issued to you by the MVC.

And it's as simple as that! At Interlock Device of NJ, our commitment will never waver in providing services which make the difficult process of dealing with a DUI far easier to handle. Simply follow the above instructions and you will be back in the drivers seat in no time.


Locations Throughout New Jersey:

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