Following ignition interlock rules is the fastest way to get back to driving normally. No one likes getting an interlock ignition device installed in their car. It’s a constant reminder of a mistake you wish you could take back. Others also attach some stigma to people that have to use an interlock ignition device to drive. The good news, though, is that they let you stay on the road. You can still get to your job, pick your kids up from school, and take care of other responsibilities. Interlock device rules are fairly simple. In fact, they’re built so that it’s very difficult to operate a vehicle without following the rules. To get through the time required with an interlock device, drivers need to know some guidelines about how they work and ways to use them most effectively. Follow these three rules to make sure your time with an interlock device is pain-free.

1. Get to Know the Interlock Device Rules

A lot of times, drivers don’t do proper research or ask questions before the interlock device is installed. Knowing the interlock device rules before your first drive with one will make things much easier. Find a reputable interlock device installer and servicer to take care of your car. They’ll be able to manage your device and any repairs the entire time you have to have one in your vehicle. Knowing how to operate the device will make starting the car a simple process that can be done quickly.

2. Know How to Get Accurate Results

Misreads or negative tests on the interlock device can be frustrating. When you need to get somewhere, you just want the device to work. One of the most basic interlock device rules is that a good read needs some easy preparation. A good tip is to rinse your mouth with water before you breathe into the device. Other foods or liquids could trigger a misread. A misread can cause you to have to wait a designated amount of time to try again and start your car.

3. Check in with Your Monitoring Authority

Drivers can always check in with their monitoring authorities if they have any questions about the device. Perhaps it’s not working well, or you’re unsure how much longer it has to be in the car. Monitoring authorities can clear up any questions drivers have so everyone is on the same page. They’re a good resource to call upon while you’re following the mandated ignition interlock time period.

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