Once considered a very rare item, ignition interlock devices have become a lot more popular in recent years. Attorneys have spent a lot of effort advocating for the interlock device policy that exists in several states. They’ve done it to keep people on the roads and keep them accountable and safe. With the devices, people convicted of drunk driving can keep their licenses. It lowers the impact on their family and their ability to keep jobs. 

If you’re arrested on drunk driving charges, there is now a greater chance than ever that you’ll have to install an interlock device in your vehicle. The devices are smaller, more effective, and easier to use than their predecessors. Here are three reasons why lawyers are pushing for ignition interlocks in drunk driving cases. 

They Keep People on the Road and Accountable

In the past, drunk driving convictions meant lengthy license suspensions. It may seem like an appropriate consequence for driving under the influence, but most of the time, families suffered as well. Parents of children were unable to drive to work or take the kids to school. One person’s mistake impacted several people. With an interlock device, drivers can stay on the road, and authorities can be sure they aren’t drunk. People can still take care of their responsibilities and serve out court penalties. 

They Ensure Drivers are Sober

An interlock device guarantees whoever is driving a car is sober. It keeps drunk people off the street no matter who is behind the wheel. The device also sends regular reports back for monitoring to track driver progress. More interlock devices mean less chance of anyone driving drunk. The car won’t start unless whoever is behind the wheel blows a clean breath test. Whether it’s you or someone else in the family, the device makes sure whoever is driving it is sober. 

An Interlock Device Is Easy to Install and Monitor

Developments in interlock device technology have made them more accessible than ever. Before, they were bigger and clunky. Now, they’re very accurate and easy to use. Specialists can help install them quickly and conduct any required maintenance. Improved technology also allows the authorities to effectively monitor driver behavior. It’s a better solution that helps keep people on the road. 

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