The use of ignition interlock devices has helped people stay on the road even after a DWI conviction. Without interlock devices, drivers arrested and convicted of drunk driving would have their license suspended or their vehicle taken away. Dealing with a DWI is never fun, but ignition interlocks provide a way to keep you driving. They’re easy to use and keep you and the people around you safe. More state and local governments are turning to interlock devices as a way to keep drunk driving rates down. When people get assigned an interlock device, they are justifiably concerned about how it will affect their driving. Thankfully, new devices are minimally intrusive and easy to use. Still, driving won’t be the same. Here are three ways ignition interlock devices affect driving.

Longer Startup Time

The main difference with an interlock device is that it takes longer to get the car started. It will change how you plan your time around getting to work or taking kids to school. You’ll have to leave more of a buffer to make sure you blow a clean test into the device so your car will start. However, with the new interlock devices, readings are fast and easy. The devices are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and operate smoothly.

Pay Attention to What’s in Your System

Of course, trying to drive drunk won’t be possible with an ignition interlock. That’s the whole point. However, interlock devices can also prevent your car from starting if something prevents it from getting a clean test. There have been reports that mouthwash and some other substances can cause a negative interlock device test. Drivers need to make sure their breath is clear before they blow into the machine.

Questions About Interlock Devices from Others

Passengers in your care will no doubt ask a lot of questions about the interlock device. A lot of people are concerned about the stigma of having to use one, but really, most people don’t think it’s an issue. They are more prevalent than ever, so it’s likely all of your friends have seen one used before. They’re much smaller and more discreet than in the past, so explaining how it works isn’t hard.

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