Interlock device benefits aren’t limited to just being able to drive. There’s a whole lot more to look at positively when it comes to installing an interlock device. When people are in the process of installing an interlock device, some get stressed over the inconvenience or cost. Many people kick themselves over how they got here in the first place. Focusing on the interlock device benefits will help you see how it will help you become a better and safer driver.

Everybody Stays Safe

One of the greatest interlock device benefits is that it keeps everyone safe. This includes not only your safety, but anyone in your car knows that whoever is operating it is driving sober. You’ll have peace of mind when you’re at a party and a friend wants to drive your car to grab some food. They won’t be able to drive unless they can show that they’re sober. In addition, ignition interlock devices make the roads safer for everyone. They’ve been shown to lower DWI deaths on the road.

Interlock Devices Prevent Repeat Offenders

Interlock devices also lower the chance that a driver charged with a DWI will become a repeat offender. Having that reminder each time the car starts forms a habit in drivers and stresses the importance of not driving under the influence. These positive effects will continue even after the interlock device is removed.

A Great Example of Accountability

There doesn’t have to be a stigma around having an interlock device installed. Almost everyone knows someone who has driven after having too much to drink. A great benefit of having an interlock device installed is that all your friends and family will see that you are taking responsibility for an unfortunate mistake. The best thing you can do is own it. Others will see the example you’re setting and hopefully learn to avoid drinking and driving themselves. Growing and learning from mistakes is part of life.

And Yes, You Still Get to Drive

Other people get their license revoked or suspended for a DWI. You still get to drive to work, school, or anywhere else you need to be. Probably one of the greatest interlock device benefits is that it keeps people on the road, safely.

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