A drunk driving infraction can lead to fines and more severe penalties. Suspending licenses and preventing people from driving has an impact not just on them, but on the people who rely on them. Children need to get to school, and you need to get to work to earn money to support yourself and others. To avoid taking away licenses, many states are turning to ignition interlock devices. Interlock devices are installed in a car and require drivers to pass a breath test before the engine will start. The device ensures whoever is driving the car is sober and reduces the risk of serious car accidents.

Some people who have to have ignition interlock devices wonder if they can install the machine by themselves. There are places online you can purchase an interlock device, but it’s not that simple. Even if you have the technical know-how, certain state legal requirements must be met.

State-Certified Installing and Servicing

One of the main issues with installing an ignition interlock device yourself is that they need to be calibrated and monitored according to state standards. In New Jersey, that means around every eight weeks a certified technician will need to see your device. Failure to report monitoring can impact your ability to keep driving and use the ignition interlock during your sentence. During monitoring checks, technicians also check the device to make sure it’s working properly. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere with a broken interlock and no way to drive.

Ignition Interlock Device Repairs

Installing an interlock device by yourself is possible, but only an experienced technician will help keep it in great shape. The best devices are often those newest to market, so there isn’t a ton of public information about troubleshooting. Trained service reps know how to work with the interlock and get it back on track if it malfunctions.

If you miss a repair or service appointment, the interlock device has a seven-day grace period and then it will shut off. Your car will no longer function. It’s advisable to keep regular service and monitoring appointments with a certified ignition interlock company so you can say on the road.

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