People who get pulled over for drunk driving immediately race through the potential consequences in their minds. They wonder what will happen. Will they go to jail? Will they be able to drive again? What will other people think? Dealing with a DUI is never fun. It’s a mistake that takes some time to overcome. Thankfully, though, the courts are shifting in their approach. These days, ignition interlock devices are more popular because they help monitor drivers and still allow them to go about their business. It prevents people from driving drunk, but still lets them get to work, school, and other places they need to be.

Some people have misconceptions about ignition interlock devices. Here are some of the most common issues drivers deal with.

The Social Stigma of Ignition Interlock Devices

The biggest hurdle most drivers face with ignition interlock devices is the perceived social stigma. They think they’ll stick out like a sore thumb whenever they need to start their car. However, the increased use of interlock devices has made them more common than people realize. Indeed, most people have seen them or been in cars with them. They’re smaller now and easier to use than ever, so you’re up and running quickly. People who see them likely feel confident knowing that the driver of a car with an ignition interlock device is driving sober.

They’re Hard to Use

The first generations of ignition interlock devices were large and clunky. They didn’t always work and often needed multiple blows to start a car. However, these days, interlock devices fit in the palm of your hand and are extremely accurate. If used properly, they work very well. After a brief tutorial, users can utilize them without worrying about whether they’ll be able to drive.

The Installation Process is Long and Complicated

Most laypeople don’t understand the mechanics of what goes into cars. They just want to turn the ignition and start driving. When people have to start using an ignition interlock device, they worry that they have to send their car off somewhere for a long period of time. However, interlock devices get installed quickly and repairs happen fast.

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