The development of ignition interlock devices has been a godsend for thousands of Americans who need daily access to cars. They help parents drive kids to school, get people to jobs, and many other normal tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis. Modern ignition interlock devices have a good track record, but there are times when interlock device repair is required. In some cases, however, following some simple steps can help users troubleshoot the device. Here’s a basic breakdown of troubleshooting steps to get your interlock device working again.

Interlock Device Repair Requires Understanding the Machine

People should understand how interlocks function before they go about troubleshooting. The device itself is meant to give precise readings of blood alcohol levels. It’s designed to thwart attempts to tamper or deceive the device. That’s why it can be finicky. When people seek out interlock device repair, a lot of times it’s because they aren’t using it properly or have other substances on their breath that mess with results.

Make sure you haven’t recently used mouthwash or eaten strong foods that can affect the breathalyzer results. Give it a few tries before you confirm it’s not working properly.

Try These Tips to Get the Device Working

Interlock device repair often isn’t necessary because the main culprit is user error. If you’ve consumed mouthwash, strong mints, spicy gum, chocolates, or even foods very high in sugar, give the test some time. Rinse your mouth out with water and wait for a few minutes before attempting to start the car again. If you’ve used mouthwash, extend the waiting period until fifteen minutes before you blow into the device.

Find a Reliable Interlock Device Service Provider

It’s frustrating when an interlock device isn’t working. It interrupts the flow of life, and you have to find alternatives to get where you need to be. Find a good interlock device repair company that can respond quickly to help fix your device. They’ll get you back on the road fast and help you work through any operating issues you may be having.

Interlock Device of New Jersey is the preferred installer and repair service for customers in the state. We have several locations with trained service technicians who can help get your ignition interlock device up and running with no problems. Contact us today to hear how we can help you with any interlock device repair and maintenance.