Making sure your ignition interlock device is working properly is critical to being compliant with your court orders. It also keeps you on the road so you can get to work or wherever you need to be. Malfunctioning interlock devices can be a source of frustration for drivers. When adverse weather hits, it can affect how well an ignition interlock works. It’s not that the device itself malfunctions per se, but it can change how well a driver can operate it. Extreme cold weather can affect cars in several ways. It can freeze parts and prevent cars from starting. Likewise, very hot weather can impact an interlock device. Here are some ways weather can change interlocks and what can be done about it.

Pay Attention to the Battery

A car’s battery is the first thing that needs to be monitored in adverse weather. Car batteries provide power to interlock devices. If a battery isn’t working the way it should, it can change how well an interlock device functions. The best thing you can do for a car battery in really cold weather is to try and park the car in a covered garage.

Moisture is Your Enemy

Moisture can mask real results when you breathe into an interlock device. If the weather is really cold outside, condensation can form on the inner parts of the interlock device and trigger problems reading a breath test. An easy solution to preventing moisture is to stow the interlock device hanging upside down when it’s not in use. Before you breathe into the device, tap it on something firmly, but not overly hard, to shake free any moisture inside.

Another option is to disconnect the interlock device and bring it inside when you’re not using it. State regulations allow drivers to disconnect the device when something like inclement weather is expected to harm its ability to properly function. Bringing it inside gives you peace of mind knowing that it will work when you need it to in the morning.

Give Your Interlock Device a Practice Run

Most interlock devices have the ability to do a manual warm-up cycle before you plan on using it. The key can be placed in the ignition and turned to wake up the device. By turning the key off and back on again immediately, it will trigger the device to warm up prior to a test. The warm-up takes about two minutes to complete.

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