Interlock Device Frequently Asked Questions

15 Common Interlock Device Questions Answered

Will the unit shut off the engine?

No. An Interlock does not shut off a vehicle's engine, or stop it abruptly in its tracks. If a Retest is failed, or if the Retest is not presented when required, a violation will be recorded. The vehicle's horn may sound and the lights may flash until either the breath test is passed or the vehicle is turned off by the driver.

What if the vehicle stalls in traffic?
What happens if you use mouthwash before blowing into the device?
Will other people be able to drive the vehicle?
How often will the interlock need to be monitored?
Can't someone besides the driver provide the test?
What happens if you have repair work done on a car with the device?
What if I miss my monitoring appointment?
When I resided in New Jersey, I was issued a DUI but have since moved to another state. I was told by the ignition interlock companies in the state where I now live that I am not required to have the device installed on any vehicle. Is this true? What should I do?
I am a student and currently do not own or operate a vehicle. What should I do?
What happens if I don’t have the interlock device installed on a vehicle?
I have two interlock suspensions on my record from two different DWI suspensions. One is for one hundred eighty days (180) and the second is for seven hundred thirty (730) days. How much time am I required to keep the interlock device on my vehicle?
Can I have the suspension order changed if I don’t have a vehicle to put the interlock device on?
What happens if I have the interlock device removed before my interlock requirement time is over? For example, my vehicle was totaled in an accident or if was impounded or sold?
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