The point of an interlock ignition device is to prevent drunk driving. The device is installed in the car and captures information on the driver and car that is sent to a monitoring body. Interlock device reports are sent so that authorities can make sure people are driving safely. Ignition interlock devices make sure people don’t repeatedly drive drunk. It’s a minor inconvenience that keeps people going to work, picking up their kids, and taking trips to the store. People often have questions about how ignition interlock devices work and what information it captures. Let’s take a look at what happens when you submit a test in an interlock device.

How Ignition Interlock Devices Work

Interlock device reports include capturing information when you start your car and when you’re driving it. Drivers blow into a device that measures blood alcohol content. It prevents the car from starting if there is any alcohol in the system. Authorities can see whether someone’s failed any start tests. They also take periodic reports on car run times. The machines recognize when the driver has any alcohol in their system. They can be sensitive, so it’s important not to use any mouthwash right before. Different states also require interlock devices to capture separate reports. They report drive times, start information, and other data.

How Are Reports Submitted?

Most states require drivers to go to an ignition interlock service center once a month or every few months. At the service center, technicians inspect the device and extract test data. Technicians also examine the interlock for any damage or tampering. They calibrate the device to get accurate results. Information is downloaded and logged that tells monitoring authorities about any failed tests. The interlock device report data will include if there are any test fails or any other suspicious activity. Usually, these appointments take less than half an hour. It’s a small price to pay for staying on the road driving.

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