How Interlock Devices Increase Safety On The Roads

It goes without saying that driving under the influence is incredibly dangerous and can have life-altering effects on everyone involved. A drunk driver can not only injure themselves, but can hurt, and possibly unintentionally murder, another person. These are mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, fathers- people that are needed and loved in this world. Interlock devices were created in order to help increase road safety and help keep people from reoffending.

The Effects of Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving affects a person beyond the reckless endangerment displayed on the road during the offense. In the state of New Jersey, the first wrongdoing can result in anywhere from 3 months to one year of license loss, with the possibility of an interlocking device being placed on the vehicle for up to one year after the license has been restored. With up to 30 days of possible prison time for a first offender, you will also be responsible for paying any legal fees and fines to the court system.

The Cost

Drinking and driving does not come without a financial burden. After all is said and done, a first time offender could easily pay approximately $3,900 in fees and surcharges. Second and third time offenders could pay significantly more in damages. In addition, driving with an open container, regardless of being intoxicated or not, automatically runs of fine of $200.

Prevention Is Key

While preventing driving under the influence in the first place is the only way to completely prevent drunk driving-related incidences, the reality is that a lot of prevention is done after the fact. Installing an interlock device on a vehicle driven by someone who previously has a DUI conviction has a better chance of preventing them from reoffending and driving while inebriated.

Why Are Interlock Devices Important?

After someone drinks and drives, they may be court ordered to pay fines, participate in community service, and may even spend some time in jail. Once they’re free, they have every ability to get behind the wheel of a car after having one-too-many drinks, once again. So, how can this be stopped before it happens again? An interlock device requires the driver to use a breathalyzer system before operating the vehicle. These devices have the intention of preventing drunk drivers from being able to even start their cars, then impeding the amount of drunk drivers on the road. This system helps give peace of mind to loved ones, who can be assured that actions are being taken to increase the road safety every day by the interlock devices out there.

Why Interlock Device of New Jersey?

The Interlock Device of New Jersey not only ensures that intoxicated drivers do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it also provides peace of mind to parents, friends, and family members of other civilians on the road. The cutting-edge technology easily installs onto your car for simple breath monitoring tests as you drive! It couldn’t be more simple and can help you get back on the road while clean and sober.