Getting arrested and convicted of driving while under the influence (DWI or DUI) can be devastating. A lot of people are unsure about what consequences they’ll face. They worry they won’t be able to drive, or perhaps their vehicle will be taken from them. How will they get to work? Will their kids be able to get to school? Thankfully, many courts turn to interlock devices to help people stay on the road. They help lower the incidence of drunk driving. Ignition interlock devices are attached to a vehicle and require a successful breath test in order to start the car. They keep people who have been convicted accountable but allow them to keep living as normal life as possible without endangering others. Here’s a quick breakdown of what ignition interlock devices are and how they work.

Easy to Install and Simple to Use

For people who have seen ignition interlock devices before, they can seem complex. They look like small devices wired into a car and can fit in one hand. Most people are surprised at how simple they are to use. They are typically installed in a short amount of time by a company that specializes in interlock devices. Before the car starts, the driver has to blow into the device, and a reading displays whether the blood alcohol content is appropriate for operating a motor vehicle. The increase in use of interlock devices has done a lot to erase some of the stigma attached to having to use one. Most people have seen them and are aware they exist.

The only thing to be aware of that could affect how they function is whether the driver has used mouthwash or some other substance that could make it hard to get a reading. Make sure you can get a good reading easily by consulting the installer for advice.

Interlock Ignition Devices Monitoring for the Courts

Interlock devices record the breath tests that drivers put into the car. The records help case managers monitor a driver’s results.  Results show whether someone is trying to drive while inebriated. Effective record-keeping makes it simple to paint a picture of whether someone is taking the court given penalty seriously. Good results can lead to eventually being able to stop using the interlock device.

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