Getting an interlock device installed in your car is easy. After a judge’s ruling, a court will provide you with a MVC suspension and let you know where you can get one installed. New Jersey has multiple locations where an interlock device can be easily and promptly installed. It is important to note that different locations offer different availability of installation and quality of service, so calling around is the best bet for finding a service center that works for you.

After calling, follow the next steps to painlessly get an interlock device installed in your vehicle.

1) Once you’ve chosen the New Jersey location that works best for your needs, schedule an appointment to have the device installed.

2) On the day of installation, someone else needs to drive you, in the vehicle that is being equipped with the device, to the designated location.

3) The entire installation process will take approximately one and a half hours, in which time you will be trained on how to properly use the device. You will receive both verbal and written instructions, as well as how to care for the interlock device. This is the time to ask questions- so speak up and leave the facility completely comfortable using the device.

4) Once installed, you will receive an installation certificate. Take this certificate to MVC, where you’re driving privileges will be restored.

5) Your new license will have a restriction on it, labeled “Interlock Device”.

Following Up For Routine Appointments

Following up with the service center to ensure the interlock device is working properly is crucial to your success as a sober driver. Failing to do so can result in penalties and fines, including further driving restrictions. Most service center allow you to come back in 30 or 60 day increments, so be sure to schedule the follow-up appointments promptly.

Removing The Device

Once your program for using the interlock device is up, return to the service center and have it removed. When a certificate of completion is received, head over to the MVC once again to have the restriction removed from your license and enjoy your new life as a safe, sober driver!