Many people worry that with an interlock device, car maintenance will be impossible. What happens if your car breaks down and needs to go into the shop for a week or two while the interlock device is installed? What about oil changes? How will the mechanics start the car to see if it is running properly? These are valid questions. Having an interlock device is certainly an inconvenience, but it is well worth still being able to drive. They make it so people can work and take care of other responsibilities. With a little patience, workarounds can be arranged so your car can get the service it needs. The following information will help you know what to expect with interlock device car maintenance.

Make Sure You Notify the Mechanic Shop

An auto repair shop services many cars each day. Nearly every auto mechanic has seen an ignition interlock device in a car before. Having an interlock device is not a scarlet letter; it’s a fact of life that mechanics encounter on a regular basis. Step out of your shell and address the issue head-on. Let the mechanic shop know that the interlock is in the car, and begin planning so that the needed repairs can happen. How you and the mechanic handle it will depend on your schedule and how long the car will need to be in the shop.

Be Flexible with Interlock Device Car Maintenance

The ignition interlock device allows you to still drive, but that doesn’t mean life is going to be totally normal. You may have to take a day off from work even for simple maintenance like an oil change or a short repair. That way, you can be at the ready to start the car whenever it needs to be moved. It’s not ideal, but it is what it is. If the repair is going to take longer than a day, you will need to contact the interlock installation company and your probation officer. Let them know that you won’t be in the car and blowing the required tests for a while.

Make Sure Mechanics Know How to Operate the Interlock Device

If you can’t be on hand every time the car needs to be moved, make sure the mechanic knows how to start and operate the car. It’s probably a safe bet that they’ve seen one before. They’ll likely know how they work, but just in case, run them through it once or twice to make sure they can start the car without you. This can save you from having to make an extra trip to the auto shop to demonstrate.

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