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Interlock Device Installation, Service, and Removal


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We'll get all the information from you that we need and answer any questions you might have (Appointments can be made as quickly as next day).


Bring your vehicle to one of our locations throughout the state

Try our device on our demonstration unit. Once you are completely comfortable, we will install the device in your vehicle (note: installation takes approximately an hour-and-a-half).


Obtain your license

Once installed, we will give you all the paperwork necessary to get your license restored. Have someone drive you to a regional MVC (do not drive yourself) with your paperwork. You will get an Interlock restricted drivers license and can enjoy driving with your Interlock.



Now that you are back on the roads, the state requires that you bring your vehicle back to our location every 60 days after your installation, so we can check the device and send a report to the state (Your device will give a service reminder prior to your appointment date).



After you have completed your term simply bring your vehicle in to have the device removed for free! You may continue to drive with your current drivers license because the restriction will no longer apply, or you may have a new license issued to you by the MVC.

And it's as simple as that!

And it's as simple as that!

At Interlock Device of NJ, our commitment will never waver in providing services which make the difficult process of dealing with a DUI far easier to handle. Simply follow the above instructions and you will be back in the drivers seat in no time.

How Our Pricing Works

Because helping you on your journey through the DUI jungle is our main focus, we don’t actually charge you for the installation of the interlock device, which can cost you $100 to more than $200 at our competitors depending on your vehicle.



We rent you the device and take care of all the services involved. We just charge a rental fee of $99.50 per month. That’s it! All-inclusive, transparent, explained up-front. And there are NO HIDDEN FEES.

What the Other Guys Do

What the Other Guys Do

Other companies will say they charge less per month, but they’re not including all the fees associated with installation and monitoring. With having to pay all of the extra variable fees, it can get confusing, not to mention more expensive. With Interlock Device of New Jersey, it’s one price for everything.

Service Dependability

Service Dependability

Our competitors outsource the servicing of your device to 3rd parties. If they decide to quit servicing you because you’re no longer paying top dollar (like you did in the first month with all those fees, you’re left to look for a new service center – one that could be far from home. We’ve seen it time and again. With Interlock Device of New Jersey, our service centers are all in-house. You pay once a month and we take care of everything else.

Reviews from Our Customers

I just recently got my device removed and I didn't have one issue or problem in the entire 6 months! Guy was extremely friendly, helpful and professional and the staff in the office is always pleasant when I call. I will definitely be recommending this company in the future! Thanks

Millissa Wescoat

Obviously nobody wants to go through the annoyance of having this device in their vehicle but if you're in need i can't recommend them enough. Quick, painless, extremely reasonably priced and my technician Kevin was always pleasant each time i needed the device serviced.

Chris F

As hard as it is to go through this experience, the staff at Interlock of NJ in Berlin, NJ, especially Kevin, made it as easy as it could be. Friendly and positive, encouraging, as well, made it a lesson well learned. Thanks for your professionalism!!!

Patty Duckrey

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