Most people will feel some relief that at least installing an interlock device will keep them on the road.  However, the prospect of having to breathe strongly into the device to start their car can be troubling for people with asthma. Respiratory conditions can make it difficult enough to breathe on a regular basis, let alone the hard breaths required to satisfy an interlock. How do people with an interlock device and asthma cope? It’s a legitimate worry to think that asthma could keep someone with an interlock device off the road. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world. People required to have an interlock with asthma can still make it work so they can keep driving.

Advances in Ignition Interlocks

Thankfully, improvements in interlock technology have made it so devices are able to account for individual differences in breath power. They can better discern when a person is breathing differently because that’s the way they breathe vs someone trying to fool a reading. Ignition interlock devices can be adjusted to allow for reading to be captured by weaker airflows for people if the asthma is clinically diagnosed. This typically requires approval from a probation officer prior to any adjustment. A capable attorney will be able to advise you on what to do to request reading changes.

Be Aware of Interlock Device and Asthma Complications

Ethanol inhalers are frequently prescribed to people with asthma. Ethanol is a kind of alcohol that can trigger negative readings on an ignition interlock device. You should wait ten minutes to use an interlock device after pumping an inhaler. Sometimes menthol can also cause false readings. Menthol can be found in cigarettes but is also a common ingredient in cough drops and other medicines to clear up congestion. Sinus fluid buildup can trigger asthma attacks. People take menthol cough drops to avoid excessive buildup.

Interlock Device of New Jersey can help if you have an interlock device and a respiratory issue like asthma. We’ve got years of experience in all aspects of interlock installation and servicing. We work with clients on installation and servicing to make sure they can stay on the road and keep living life as normally as possible. We’re familiar with working with clients who have asthma to make sure their ignition interlock devices are functioning properly. Contact Interlock Device of New Jersey today to see how we can help with your ignition interlock device needs.