Are you looking forward to your interlock device removal? Many other drivers feel the same way. Whether you just got your device or you only have a few days to go, you’re probably curious about how interlock device removal works. We get a lot of questions about this subject from our clients, so we’ve compiled our most important answers here. Take a look at this list, and then if you have any more questions, we’re always available to help.

It’s Not a Solo Job

As tempting as it may be, you should never try to get rid of your interlock device by yourself. To get the device removed, you should wait until your court-ordered time has passed, make an appointment, and bring your car to your Interlock Device location.

Why can’t you remove the device yourself? For several reasons. First, the device removal requires specific software and tools. Your interlock device facility will have everything it needs for removal, but you can’t find these things anywhere else. Second, at Interlock Device, we’re required to notify the authorities once we’ve removed the device. Once we send that notification, you can’t get into trouble for driving without an interlock device. However, if we don’t send it, you absolutely can get into legal trouble for driving without the device.

Final Testing

So, how do you go about interlock device removal? All you have to do is make an appointment with us and then bring your car on the day of your appointment. We’ll take care of everything else. While you wait, we’ll perform all of the final tests on your device. Just like your monitoring appointment tests, these will tell us whether or not you’ve passed your breathalyzer tests. If you have, then we’ll go ahead and take the device off your car.

Your New License

And now for the best part. As soon as we finish with your interlock device removal, we’ll give you the paperwork that you need for your new license. Take this paperwork to the DMV, and they can issue a new license for you that doesn’t include the words “interlock device.”

Interlock Device Removal

Is it almost time for your interlock device removal? Do you have any more questions about removal, testing, or any other interlock subjects? We’re here to help. You can schedule your appointment from our home page. You can also contact us through our website, or call today at 800-970-1002.