Drunk driving continues to be a major safety concern in the United States. Tens of thousands of drivers are pulled over each year under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Many people die in accidents caused by drunk driving. In an effort to deter drunk driving, state governments place heavy fines and penalties on offenders. However, more and more states are turning to an ignition interlock device as a solution.

With an ignition interlock device, drivers convicted of DWI can keep access to their cars. They can still drive to work, take kids to school, and get to the store for groceries. Governments allow citizens to live normal lives but also keep them from driving drunk again. Interlocks are a great public safety solution that helps keep drunk driving rates lower. Here are some of the main reasons states are using them.

An Interlock Device Allows States to Trust But Verify

Courts understand that people make mistakes. It’s unfortunate when someone loses the privilege to drive because of a bad decision. Authorities struggle between leniency and taking the chance someone could get hurt if drunk driving happens again. With an ignition interlock device, though, governments get the assurance they need. Every time the car is started, the driver has to blow a clean breath test. Drivers keep their licenses, and authorities get the certainty they need that a person isn’t driving drunk again.

Increased Monitoring With An Interlock Device

When someone with an interlock device is drunk and tries to start their car, the failed breath test is recorded. That information goes to authorities. It helps them keep track of who is at risk of repeat offenses. When someone is trying to start a car drunk with an interlock device, it’s a good indication they haven’t learned from their mistakes yet.

Less Impact on Families

When a parent loses the right to drive their car, whole families are impacted. Children can’t get to school, to activities, or to the doctor. An interlock device helps lessen the impact of a DWI on people not responsible for the lapse in judgment. The device keeps everyone in the car and on the road around them safe by making sure the driver is sober.

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