As cars have become more complex, it has sometimes posed a challenge for effective installations of interlock ignition devices. Many people express concern over whether they’ll be able to install an interlock device on their hybrid vehicle, or their car that has a push-to-start ignition. So what happens when you have to deal with an interlock device and keyless ignition? Let’s take a look.

Updated Technology

Cars are updated every year. Companies put in new technology, new engines, new seats, and other options to keep up with the competition and consumer demand. Even cars that don’t change on the outside have alterations done inside. Electrical systems constantly change because models evolve as manufacturers update them. Starting systems have become a focus for car manufacturers. Push-to-start buttons are leading to the phasing out of key ignitions because they’re easier to use. The newest electric cars don’t even have start buttons. An electronic key in the vicinity is enough to get them moving. Just put it into drive and you’re off.

Changes Require a Knowledgeable Installer

All of these updates make it even more important that interlock device installers know what they’re doing. They have to invest a great deal of time and effort learning new models of cars and how to weave the interlock device into their systems. They’re the ones who make interlock device and keyless ignition work. Many installation companies charge extra to work with hybrids and other more complex models of cars because they have computer systems that govern how the engine starts and works. At Interlock Device of New Jersey, however, you pay one flat monthly rate for the rental of your device.

Find the Right Company

Finding a good interlock ignition device installer will make all the difference. They’ll be able to tell you over the phone whether they’re capable of working on your model of car. That way you won’t waste time by going in to ask. The most capable installation companies will service your ignition interlock device as well, so you don’t have to go to multiple locations. Interlock Device of New Jersey has extensive experience working with interlock devices and keyless ignition cars. We offer multiple locations across the state, so we can cover you wherever you go. Contact us today to speak to someone on our team about how we can get your ignition interlock device installed and get you back on the road.