You’ve seen a breathalyzer before, whether you’ve taken a breathalyzer test in real life or you’ve only seen one on television. But did you know that a type of car breathalyzer exists? The car breathalyzer is actually called an interlock device, and it exists to make the roads safer for everybody.


Let’s start with some specifics about breathalyzers. In most states, when you apply for a driver’s license, that application counts as your consent to submit to a breathalyzer test if necessary. Anybody can purchase a breathalyzer. However, law enforcement officers use them the most often. Breathalyzers measure the amount of alcohol on a person’s breath. From there, they estimate the person’s blood alcohol content. Though breathalyzers, especially the smaller ones, can only give estimates, the results are enough to justify an arrest.

Interlock Device: The Car Breathalyzer

A regular breathalyzer operates independently. An interlock device, as stated above, operates as a car breathalyzer. First, an interlock team attaches the device to a car’s ignition system. From then on, until they remove the device, one cannot start the car without breathing into the interlock device. If a person with an elevated blood alcohol content breathes into the device, the motor will not start. Therefore, an interlock device serves as a preventative measure, while you would normally use a regular breathalyzer when a person has already driven under the influence.

Who Can Use Them?

Just like anyone can buy a regular breathalyzer, anyone can use an interlock device. Usually, people agree to install an interlock device after a DUI conviction. In many states, including New Jersey, people can install an interlock device to get their driving privileges back. However, people can install an interlock device even without a DUI conviction. For instance, if you’re not the only person who drives your car, you might install one to prevent accidents. You might also install a device to keep yourself accountable. Whatever the reason for installing a car breathalyzer, the process is quick and judgment-free.

Need an Interlock Device?

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