When a court orders a person to install an interlock device in their vehicle, that person naturally wonders about interlock device safety. After all, they probably have never used an interlock device before. Having an unfamiliar device installed in one’s car can bring anxiety. That’s why we’d like to answer some of the more common questions about interlock device safety.

Quality Safety Standards

First, know that at Interlock Device in New Jersey, we only use products that meet our top-level safety standards. We care about our clients and their safety. That’s why we only use safe, reliable interlock devices. If we didn’t believe in the safety of a product, we absolutely would not install it in your car. Furthermore, we make sure that you’re comfortable with the device before you leave. When the driver fully understands how to follow interlock device safety measures, the driving process becomes much smoother.

Your Engine Will Not Shut Off

The interlock device requires something called a “rolling retest.” The device requires the driver to re-take the breathalyzer test at random intervals during each driving trip. A lot of people have concerns about how these retests impact their interlock device safety. Many ask whether or not their engine will shut off if they fail a retest. Thankfully, the interlock device will not shut off your engine while you’re driving. In fact, the term “rolling retest” is somewhat misleading. When the device requires a retest, it actually gives you five minutes to pull over and stop your car before you provide a breath sample. If you should fail the retest, your device may cause the alarm to go off or the lights to flash, but it will not turn off your engine.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Another common concern with interlock devices is whether or not the device will cause distracted driving. Clearing up the confusion about those rolling retests also answers questions about distraction. Because the driver has five minutes to pull over for a retest, he or she won’t have to take a retest while driving. Instead, this process lets the driver pay attention to the road until he or she can reach a safe place to take the test.

Interlock Device Safety

Have you been court-ordered to get an interlock device installed in your car? Do you have more questions about interlock device safety? We would love to help. Contact Interlock Device today with your questions and concerns.