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Interlock Device of NJ has been installing and servicing interlocks in the state of NJ longer than anyone else.
We pride ourselves on an unparalleled level of customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Our sole company focus is installing and servicing interlocks. Unlike other companies who simply outsource the installation and service, we do it all ourselves making us experts when it comes to these devices and the program requirements.

Another great advantage of working with us is that we only service in New Jersey. This means we know the laws in NJ better than our competitors and we know what is required for our customers to complete the program without any issues. Whether it be from the court or motor vehicles, we know how to handle it.

Key Advantages

Dedicated solely to installing and servicing interlock devices

Locally based in New Jersey so you can rest assured that we know the laws and requirements thoroughly

Our experience and customer service is unmatched in the state of NJ

Extensive working history in this field

Our Partners

Our Partners

We’ve teamed up with a select group of partners who show excellence in their field of service. Some of these partners are in the field of treatment while many others are attorneys advocating for clients charged with a DUI. Based on our long history working in this field we know that these are some of the best!

Discounts for Referral Partners

Discounts for Referral Partners

If a client comes to us after working with one or more of these individuals we are happy to provide that client with a reduction in cost for their interlock program. A client who fills out the form below and has utilized the services of one of these experts in their field will receive half off the first months rent of their interlock when signing on with us.

More Benefits

Remember that with Interlock Device of NJ, the installation, removal, and required monitoring checks are always free!
Simply pay the rent on the device and we do all the rest. You may also qualify for half off the first month’s rent!