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Jessica M
January 05 2020

Lendarius was awesome I wasn’t waiting long and he explained everything well!! Highly recommend Interlock Device of NJ

Amy Lore
October 30 2019

Lendarius was very helpful and attentive! Thank you.

Llaird ONeil
August 17 2019

I had a problem starting my car. I called for technicel assistance and I gor Chris. He worked with me until the problem was solved. It seemed that a bottle of wind shield washer fluid had turned over in the trunk and was making the sensor go crazy. He stayed on the phone until we resolved the problem and I was able to start the car up. The day before my vacation. Thanks INTERLOCK for having such a devoted and professional employee.


David Corley
June 27 2019

Mike Green was extremely pleasant and helpful through a stressful time having to receive the interlock to my car. He explained everything and help me understand what was being done to my car. He is an asset to the company! Thank you!

Jonathan Patterson
June 12 2019

Mike Green, the installer from Kenilworth was extremely helpful and knows his stuff!! He came to my house and fixed my car faster than I thought was possible. I would recommend this company to everyone.. Thanks again Mike!!!

Jennifer Renzi
June 12 2019

Michael was great company is awesome

Donna Egan
June 11 2019

Extremely helpful staff. Always quick and efficient. Mike G at the Kenilworth location is one of the most knowledgeable technicians I have ever met. Was able to fix the electrical issues with my car that no one else could figure out. I would recommend interlock device of NJ to anyone who needed this. DEFENATLY five stars!!!!!

Eric Plavchak
May 23 2019

I went to the Pleasantville location for the duration of this process, I was fortunate enough to deal with Micheal. Not only did he make it simple and easy, he was very professional and always got me in and out as quickly as possible.

May 22 2019

Matt in Saddle Brook is a DREAM come true! Super helpful, incredibly punctual and always works very efficiently with a smile on his face. Please tell his boss that he deserves a promotion! He is the employee that every business should have – smart, quick, personable, professional, honest and dependable.

Joseph Harvey
May 10 2019

I had no problem at all dealing with the guys.

Levi Lopez
May 03 2019

Interlock NJ since day 1 has always been so helpful with anything I’ve ever needed. Even years after I’ve completed interlock they still helped me with a serious issue i was having, thank you so much. Recommended to anyone unfortunate enough to require an interlock device, at least you’ll be in good,helpful and understanding hands.

Jim S
March 20 2019

Always fast and friendly service.

Jim S
March 20 2019

Always fast and friendly service.

Sean C
January 02 2019

I give them 5 stars. Matt and Jason were the best! I highly recommend Interlock Device of New Jersey if you should require this service. Fast, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you!!

Joseph Amato
December 11 2018

Excellent service! Very friendly and helpful staff.

Jaclyn Feuerschwenger
November 20 2018

This company, location and workers has been extremely helpful and pleasure to deal with! They have always been quick with service and takes you on time. I have been and will continue to recommend this company and location to everyone I know who needs to get an interlock device. They have made this process very easy and satisfying for me!
Anthony from the Kenilworth location has been one of the best to deal with!

Darnell Lewis
November 15 2018

Very friendly people uplifting people put myself in a bad situation they took care of me and help me make my situation better thanks guys

Bill Hall
November 14 2018

Great service. Quick and easy!

Karl Grom
November 10 2018

Great service

Amilcr Moralesq
November 08 2018

Good Service. All the time

Francis Depaul
October 26 2018

I went to the Berlin shop and they were very nice and helpful given the difficult situation. Chris is a master technician and was able to hook up my all electric vehicle without issues.

Patricia Adams
October 24 2018

Fast service and great treatment of customers. Helped make an awkward situation better.

dawn billy
October 10 2018

Matt from Saddlebrook showed nothing but GREAT customer service and I would recommend anyone in this situation to him.

Richard Castillo
October 04 2018

Matt was excellent in service and overall human

david calleo
October 02 2018

Matt, the gentleman who calibrated my device each month in Saddle Brook was a super nice man. Loved speaking with him and i just may miss him each month, even though he is right next to our offices….

Kristna Crawford
October 02 2018

Fast, friendly and fantastic service at interlock of Hamilton.

Natalie Rosario
October 01 2018

Great Matt helped

Victor Lugo
September 26 2018

Service was excellent at the Toms River nj location

Harvin Braich
September 26 2018

They were helpful and got me in and out quickly

Mary Giovanetti
September 24 2018

Thank you for all your help!

Lismarie Godin
September 19 2018

Very easy process to go through with them. Very good customer service on the phone and at the offices. No judging , everyone was so chill throughout my 7 months. Matt was very quick and efficient when removing my device.

Kuseem Chandler
September 19 2018

The guy here at the CherryHill location made this very easy going. Very knowledgeable about everything and helpful. I totally would recommend this location to anyone.

christin hinckle
August 22 2018

Thank you to every single interlock person I met or spoke with the last six months. It was a big mistake on my part for needing to have the machine in my car and I was scared and upset but each one of you made it better. You were all nice and professional and I never felt judged even though I judged myself for making this mistake. Thank you

Glenn Springer
June 22 2018

Great staff but honestly, I never want to step foot in here again.

Greg Jamiolkowski
April 03 2017

Quick and easy service.

Jerry Mears
November 26 2016

Free installation and removal

Mark Sulik
November 12 2016

Dudes are cool, get the job done, and cut you some slack in a hard spot.

Jane Grey
June 28 2016

This guy is great. He makes a bad situation bearable. Quick on all of the work, generous with information and kind.

Lorenzo Xique
June 25 2016

Gracias para servicio a interlock device y a mateo

Julio Garrido
June 24 2016

Gran Servicio Gracias a Mateo y Interlock Device para todo recomiendo a todo

Danielle Greenberg
June 24 2016

Friendly staff always very helpful!

Sammi G
June 22 2016

All the guys here are super friendly and helpful. They have definitely made this process a lot easier.

June 21 2016

My experience with Interlock of Nj was spot on and perfect. They were speedy with the process and never had one problem with coming into see them. Thanks for keeping the roads safe! Really appreciate everything. Thanks again.

David Choi
June 20 2016


Rob T
June 20 2016

They make it a very easy process and always easy to get a hold of and talk to a Person I highly recommend this place

Danny Hoyos
June 17 2016

I recently visited this location. They are super friendly and excellent customer service. The person Matt that has been helping me has been extra helpful and extremely flexible throughout the process. I would recommend this company/location in the event the need comes up. Thanks again for a smooth pleasurable experience.

Julio Rivera
June 17 2016

Matt was very professional when it came to his job. The installation and the recals were quick and easy afterwards. I thought this experience would be horrible, but overall this location made the process much easier to deal with.

Scott Clayton
June 17 2016

very nice very helpful

Alex Cameron
June 15 2016

Everything went easy from install to removal, the guys here are very helpful and always do what they can to accommodate you

Michael Martinez
June 13 2016

Anthony is the man, life saver, super patient, and friendly. Makes me look forward to getting my device serviced. Employee of the year.

Kathryn Risi
June 13 2016

Great service

Zaman Khan
June 13 2016

Thanks the service is excellent @ north Brunswick interlock device thanks so great service

Sam Williams
June 13 2016

Service technician at the North Brunswick location is quick, efficient and courteous!!!

Nicole Barth
June 13 2016

I’ve had a great experience coming. Joe has always been very helpful and nice.

Melissa Merlino
June 11 2016

Kevin is an awesome employee and the staff is friendly. Fast and prompt service. Highly recommended

Anet K
June 11 2016

Great location. Great and friendly service. -I’m able to be seen right away!

Ivan Pavlovic
June 10 2016

Matt, the person that works there, is super patient and has taken a lot of time to make my mother feel comfortable. She is an older lady who is an immigrant to this country and he has the heart and patience to deal very well with her. Every time I come here, he is in a good mood and always answers my every question with the correct, and exact information. He is a great person, and a great employee to this place.

Kamille Gutierrez
June 09 2016

Service was excellent. Highly recommend

artur wisniewski
June 09 2016

Had great experiences thanks

Stan Komonieski
June 08 2016

My experience with interlock of New Jersey in North Brunswick was great

Kristen Flynn
June 08 2016

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. They are fantastic!

Millissa Wescoat
June 07 2016

I just recently got my device removed and I didn’t have one issue or problem in the entire 6 months! Guy was extremely friendly, helpful and professional and the staff in the office is always pleasant when I call. I will definitely be recommending this company in the future! Thanks

Immanuel Serrano
June 06 2016

They contact you to remind you of appointments.Never had a problem with this company.Very understanding and professional.

chris lamar
June 06 2016

Great service in and out in minutes… Matt is great and answers all questions.. good guy and doesn’t judge

Brenna Maura
June 06 2016

He was fantastically polite.

Catherine Margherita
June 04 2016

Mike was great! I highly recommend going to the saddle brook location!! Quick and friendly service!

Patty Duckrey
June 03 2016

As hard as it is to go through this experience, the staff at Interlock of NJ in Berlin, NJ, especially Kevin, made it as easy as it could be. Friendly and positive, encouraging, as well, made it a lesson well learned. Thanks for your professionalism!!!

Chris F
June 03 2016

Obviously nobody wants to go through the annoyance of having this device in their vehicle but if you’re in need i can’t recommend them enough. Quick, painless, extremely reasonably priced and my technician Kevin was always pleasant each time i needed the device serviced.

Richard Sudimack
June 02 2016

My experience with the interlock company was great at the Kenilworth location . I had the device in my car for 13 months & overtime time Juan & Anthony were both very helpful . I definitely recommend the Kenilworth location to anyone who unfounetelly has to use this device.

Carmen Sotomayor
May 28 2016

Joe is a great installer and friendly person! Made my experience smooth and easy.

Eugene Warren
May 27 2016

Juan is cool guy and service was quick. They made my eperiance easier to deal with .

jonathan santamaria
May 26 2016

Great experience and people! apprecite the service thanks again guys

Jaymz Hauzer
May 25 2016

Transferred from different device and state and Juan was awesome helped with all questions and gave great info about device.

christine pottinger
May 25 2016

Great service from BOTH Anthony and Joe

Jessica Chernetz
May 24 2016

Mike is always so nice when I see him. He always has a smile and greets me warmly. I don’t mind coming here even though it’s for unfortunate circumstances. See ya next month mike!

Samee Dubs
May 23 2016

Quick and friendly. Willing to work around your schedule

Sergio Amoedo
May 23 2016

Great service, always available when you need them. Turned a stressful experience into a much less stressful experience. Thanks Joe!

Joseph Palumbo
May 21 2016

My son actually needed to have interlock device installed. This company has never been a problem. As a matter of fact if you have one they were always willing to work with you. From what I’ve heard about other companies being expensive yo install and remove the device, this company installs and removes free of charge. Monthly payments were reasonableven as well. I would highly recommend them and have to other people. We always dealt with the Toms River office.

Lori Arm
May 21 2016

This company has been truly a pleasure to work with. Guy has taken care of all my concerns since the first day I walked into his shop 3 years ago.

Joanna K
May 20 2016

Unfortunately I have been going there for 2 years, Kevin is always pleasant, Always there at least 20 minutes before they open since I always get there for the first appointment an 1/2 hour before they open and Kevin was even there during the snow storm in the winter. If you have to get this device installed – well, Live & Learn but make sure you choose a reliable, reputable Device company. Interlock Device Of NJ is just that. Kevin, You Rock!

First Name Last Name
May 19 2016

Had interlock for six months interlock device functioned perfectly. The service was very great and I never had a problem. Juan did my interlock and removal and was very fast and precise. Five stars!

Laura Rhodes
May 19 2016

I come here every other month and it’s always and good experience. Kevin is very helpful and very friendly.

Michelle Redmond
May 17 2016

Genuine, hard working, fast great customer service

Matt Leonard
May 16 2016

Juan at North Brunswick did my install and service appointments. Always a smooth experience. He is fast and professional. thank you!

Jamaine Glover
May 14 2016

Love This Place Quick In & Out Great Service! S/O Matthew Great Dude!

Anonymous Anonymous
May 14 2016

Guy has helped me out when we ran into issues. Quick and easy service. Highly recommended.

David Miranda
May 13 2016

Quick and easy. In and out and go about your day

Kory Sansone
May 13 2016

Guy was great. Got me in and out quick.

Pamela Schwarz
May 12 2016

Very good experience

Wanda Rodriguez
May 12 2016

The guys at the Kenilworth place Anthony & Juan are always nice and respectable to me. Even when I miss my appointment day or time they always find a way to squeeze me in. Keep up the good work guys

Tre Black
May 12 2016

Fast service, good location, Kevin is good to work with.

Johnna Zyskowski
May 09 2016

Joe is a great guy, he does his job very well and is super nice and friendly. He makes this obligatory appointment actually enjoyable because he’s personable and definitely a hard worker. Weird to say but I’ll probably miss coming here (don’t worry I won’t though because I’m not going to break the law- learned my lesson). He’s awesome!

Angel Soto
May 04 2016

Great job. Juan and Anthony were very helpful and professional

Mandy Spiller
April 27 2016

Great experience, efficient, and friendly.

Angel Soto
April 23 2016

Great job. Very professional experience

Jackie Klutkowski
April 09 2016

Always have a pleasant experience! Joe helped me today and fixed my handset last time! Very friendly guy!

A Google user
November 23 2011

The staffing was very helpful, and worked with me while trouble shooting issues with my car (unrelated the the interlock device). Big thanks to them, would recommend others to do business with them.

A Google user
November 23 2011

chris is a pleasure to deal with. very helpful and always answers any questions that i have. considering the circumstances it has been a pleasure working with everyone at interlock device of nj and if needed by anyone i know this is where i will recommend.

A Google user
November 23 2011

Sarah is the best employee, she helped we immensely to schedule my appointment very promptly, this experience has been more pleasant than I expected, even right before Thanksgiving they were able to get me right in.

A Google user
November 21 2011

People are very friendly there, especially Chris. The device is easy to use, a lot easier then I expected. I would recommend this company to others.

A Google user
November 21 2011

Great service. Very friendly. Would recommend to anyone in need of these services.

A Google user
November 18 2011

They were really nice and understanding, especially Leeann in the office. I would send anyone to this company if they need the device. Jennifer J.

A Google user
November 18 2011

Interlock device of New Jersey was great, they were always able to accommodate my appointments even when i needed to change it at the last second. Chris was able to return my calls and fully explain any technical questions about the device. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needed the device for whatever reason.

A Google user
November 15 2011

Mulloy- Every time I come in for my re-calibration, Dave is very helpful and he does great fast service. I’m almost done my time an I’ve never had any problems. Thanks DAVE

A Google user
November 12 2011

Leeann and Chris were always courteous and prompt and were a pleasure to do business with. Nice knowing you guys but you will never see me again!! Removal today and it was a much better experience than I expected! Thanks again.

A Google user
November 12 2011

Mitch S. Nov -10, 2011 Very helpful, friendly, and quick. whenever i call for an appt they fit me right in. If you have to get this machine installed in your car for whatever reason definitely go here!!!

A Google user
November 10 2011

Very helpful every time I had to call or go in… They always call back when you need. Very quick when you have to make an appointment to get your machine calibrated or installed/removed. If you have to get this machine installed in your car for whatever reason definitely go here!!!

A Google user
November 09 2011

Although I don’t like paying every month, I do like showing up. The service is quick and the staff is beyond friendly.

A Google user
November 08 2011

Chris is great. I have been working with Interlock NJ/Berlin since June and he has made the entire experience much less stressful than I ever imagined! The whole team is always very friendly and helpful. Chris always explains everything that he is doing and I look forward to seeing them every two months! Thanks so much for all of your help. I would recommend this location to anyone who needs to have the device installed. 🙂

A Google user
November 08 2011

Great service, nice people. I highly recommend them if you need an interlock device for your car.

A Google user
November 06 2011

All of the employees here at the North Brunswick shop have been kind and courteous. I had several issues with the machine and trying to learn how to use it and Mike took a lot of time to help me figure it out. He had a lot of patience with me. I do know of a few people that need to have this system installed and have recomended them to go to this location.

A Google user
November 05 2011

I have been an Interlock customer for nearly a year now. Chris my calibration tech has provided exceptional service.

Robert Weil
November 04 2011

These folks have been friendly & helpful & flexible (in rescheduling appointments). Mike, at the N. Brunswick location; and LeeAnn on the phone, have both been really easy to work with. Also the device has worked flawlessly. Highly recommended – although I do not recommend you put yourself in a position to require one of these devices – if you know what I mean. LOL

Allan Altamirano
November 01 2011

Friendly staff. Easy install and maintenance. I’m in and out. Made my experience very nice.

A Google user
November 01 2011

I have been going to this location since July. I shopped a round a little to begin with and found this place to be the most pleasant. Mike did a fantastic job. The location and employees here are very professional. I would suggest this place to anyone that needed an interlock device!

A Google user
November 01 2011

the guy who works there is always very nice and attentive and answers any questions you may have ….I would definitely recommend this establishment if you find yourself in need of a device…so don’t drink & drive but if you do keep interlock device on your speed dial..

A Google user
November 01 2011

I can personally tell you that Mike, the technician at this location, will go out of his way to to make a not so pleasant situation go as smoothly as possible. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone in need!

A Google user
November 01 2011

I shopped around and called this company and found it to be a most pleasant experience. The North Brunswick location had me in and out in no time! Very friendly and professional atmosphere. If you need an Interlock Device and you are in the Brunswick area this IS the place!

A Google user
October 31 2011

The employees are very nice and made the experience extremely easy and comfortable. I would recommend anyone that has to have an interlock device installed to use IDNJ.


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