When it comes to interlock device operation, you want to make sure that you understand as much information as possible. Your interlock installation specialists should thoroughly explain how the process works. That includes explanations for potential technical issues. Your interlock device is completely safe and will never make your vehicle shut down. However, all technical devices carry the risk for technical issues. Here are some potential issues with your interlock device operation and how you should handle them.

Low Battery

Low car battery can absolutely interfere with your interlock device operation. If your car has an older or defective battery, it may not be able to keep up with your device. Make sure that you have a good car battery before you have your interlock device installed. Otherwise, your interlock device may drain your car’s battery. You can also ask your interlock device specialist about any car battery concerns that you may have.

Improper Calibration

When you have an interlock device in your car, it’s important to keep up with your scheduled calibrations. Proper maintenance will keep your device working for as long as you need it. Your technician will notice potential problems before they become real issues. If your device does malfunction, your technician can fix it or replace it with a working model. If you have concerns about your device in between appointments, you can always call the center where you had your device installed.

Improper Usage

Sometimes, the technical issues that interfere with your interlock device operation are nothing more than user error. It’s understandable. Getting used to an interlock device can be tough. When you use your device, make sure that you follow all of the advice that your installation team gave you. With practice, you should be able to operate your device with ease.

Interlock Device Operation

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