If you have a DUI conviction in New Jersey, it’s time to understand the basics – an interlock device can help you get your license back. Interlock devices add a measure of safety to our roadways so that New Jersey drivers can rest assured of their protection. You may know them as car breathalyzers, or perhaps you’ve never heard of an interlock device until recently. So what is an interlock device, and what exactly does it do?

What is an Interlock Device?

Like most people, you’ve probably heard of a breathalyzer. This conventional device measures the blood alcohol content of drivers. An interlock device works almost exactly like a regular breathalyzer. However, it always stays in a person’s car, connected to the car’s ignition system. A vehicle with an interlock device will not start unless the driver breathes into the device first. If it shows the driver to be intoxicated, the motor will not start. Instead, the lights may flash, or the horn may sound until the driver turns off the car.

Who Uses the Device?

Generally, a judge will become involved in the interlock process. When a driver has a DUI conviction, the judge may decide to reinstate the motorist’s license, but only if they agree to use this device. However, this is not always the case. You don’t have to have a DUI conviction to use this device. Parents sometimes want to install an interlock device on their child’s car. Some people install the device for aging parents.

Anyone who drives the vehicle must be involved in the process of installing it in the car. The first step requires locating an interlock device service. Likewise, the installation company itself has involvement in the process. The right company will make sure that the driver understands the process and is comfortable using the device before installing it in the car. The company should also remain available for help during the amount of time that the driver has the device in the car.

New Jersey Interlock Device

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