Is an Interlock Device Safe?

When a court orders a person to install an interlock device in their vehicle, that person naturally wonders about interlock device safety. After all, they probably have never used an interlock device before. Having an unfamiliar device installed in one’s car can bring anxiety. That’s why we’d like to answer some of the more common […]

What Prevents People from Fooling the Interlock Device?

Many people are already familiar with the idea of the interlock device. After installation, it requires a breath sample from a sober person before it will allow the car to start. However, people have a lot of questions about the interlock device. For example, what keeps people from fooling the test? Is the device really […]

How Long Does it Take to Get an Interlock Device?

What is the interlock device wait time? The answer depends on several different factors. When you start the process of getting your interlock device, some of those factors will depend on you, others will depend on outside forces, and a few will be the same for everybody. While interlock device wait time varies from person […]

Who Should Use an Interlock Device?

An interlock device can make the driving experience safer, but who should use an interlock device? Most people think of these devices in connection to DUIs and DWIs, but can people without these convictions use interlock devices, too? The short answer is yes. Several different situations can lead to an interlock device installation. We’ve listed […]

How to Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Interlock Device

If you installed an interlock device after a DUI, it’s easy to feel shame and embarrassment over the situation. However, you can break that shame by being open about your interlock device. You can make the conversation easier by planning for it ahead of time. We’ve put together a list of some of the things […]

The Basics: What is an Interlock Device and What Does It Do?

If you have a DUI conviction in New Jersey, an interlock device can help you get your license back. Interlock devices add a measure of safety to our roadways so that New Jersey drivers can rest assured of their protection. You may know them as car breathalyzers, or perhaps you’ve never heard of an interlock […]

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I just recently got my device removed and I didn't have one issue or problem in the entire 6 months! Guy was extremely friendly, helpful and professional and the staff in the office is always pleasant when I call. I will definitely be recommending this company in the future! Thanks

Millissa Wescoat

Obviously nobody wants to go through the annoyance of having this device in their vehicle but if you're in need i can't recommend them enough. Quick, painless, extremely reasonably priced and my technician Kevin was always pleasant each time i needed the device serviced.

Chris F

As hard as it is to go through this experience, the staff at Interlock of NJ in Berlin, NJ, especially Kevin, made it as easy as it could be. Friendly and positive, encouraging, as well, made it a lesson well learned. Thanks for your professionalism!!!

Patty Duckrey

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