It’s illegal for anyone under 21 to possess or drink alcohol, and it’s illegal for people of any age to drive under the influence. As a result, teens who drive while intoxicated can face a double whammy of charges. Has your teen been arrested for DWI? In that case, you’ll want to know what you can expect. Here’s a brief overview of what your teen may face, from community service to getting an interlock device.

Community Service

For an adult, any blood alcohol content at 0.08% or higher is illegal while driving. That number is much lower for teens. Any amount at 0.01% or higher is illegal and could result in a DWI charge. If your child is convicted of a DWI, they’ll likely face between 15 and 30 days of community service.


Next, your teen will be required to attend treatment if convicted. In New Jersey, DWI offenders of all ages must go to the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. Your teen will have an interview there. After the interview, the IDRC will recommend a course of treatment that best fits your child.

License Suspension and Interlock Device

If convicted of a DWI, your teen will have their license suspended for 30 to 90 days. The judge may also require your teen to install an interlock device for a period of time, depending on the conviction. An ignition interlock device may also help your teen get their license back sooner. Sometimes, judges let offenders install the device in exchange for getting back on the road.

Do You Need An Ignition Interlock?

If a judge orders an interlock device or offers it as an alternative, what can you expect from that process? You’ll bring your child and your child’s car to a device installation center. Bring your court paperwork with you. If you choose the Interlock Device team for your device needs, then our installation team will install the device in your child’s car. While they install the device, we’ll help your child get familiar with the interlock system on a test model. They’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and get comfortable using the device. You can feel free to ask questions, too. Our team is always happy to help.

Contact Interlock Device of New Jersey

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