Many people are already familiar with the idea of the interlock device. After installation, it requires a breath sample from a sober person before it will allow the car to start. However, people have a lot of questions about the device. For example, what keeps people from fooling the interlock device? Is the device really effective in preventing drunk driving? If a person with a legal amount of alcohol on their breath uses the device, can anyone drive the car? The makers of these devices have already anticipated these questions. They’ve put several safeguards in place that prevent illicit breath samples.

Breathing Technique Requirements

First, these devices require specific breathing techniques. The requirements depend on the device’s design. Some require a specific amount of air in a short amount of time. Others require the test-taker to inhale as well as exhale. Some interlock devices require a combination of breathing factors. All of these safeguards prevent a person from “tricking” the device with a balloon or other air-filled object.

Rolling Retests

Now we know that a human has to take the test to start the car, but how does the device know which human took the test? What stops a sober person from fooling an interlock device by breathing into it for an intoxicated friend? The answer is in the rolling retest. After the car has started, the interlock device will require retests at random intervals. The device may ask for a retest in as few as five minutes after the car has started for the first time. For these retests, the driver must pull the car to a stop. If he or she fails the test, perhaps because somebody else took the first test, the engine will stop, and the driver will not be able to drive any further.

Legal Penalties

Finally, the law stands against taking an interlock breathalyzer test for another person. Anyone in New Jersey who does take the test for somebody else faces a disorderly persons offense. This offense could result in a fine up to $1000 and up to 6 months in jail.

Interlock Device of New Jersey

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