Everyone looks forward to the time when they can remove interlock device restrictions on their car. While being able to drive is a huge benefit of interlock devices, no one loves having them installed. To remove interlock devices mean people have honored their commitment to a court decision and can move on with their lives. Interlock device removal isn’t something you can do on your own, though. It takes a specialist who can make sure the process is carried out correctly. Here’s some basic information on what you should do when it’s time to remove the interlock device.

Court Will Mandate Removal Process

Every state varies to some degree in how they expect removal to go. However, most of the time a “remove interlock device” motion needs to be filed in court. Usually, the motion to amend needs to be filed in the court where the case was originally heard. Removal, of course, depends on whether the sentence has been carried out without any issues. A judge will review the motion and decide if it’s ok to remove interlock device mandates. The court will then issue an order that drivers can use to get it taken off.

Sometimes the “remove interlock device” instructions and paperwork will come in the mail from the court or the DMV. Other times nothing arrives, and the court assumes you know that your sentence has been fulfilled. Either way, it’s best you confirm with whoever is in charge of your monitoring to make sure you can take the device off.

Remove Interlock Device in Other Situations

Successful completion of a court-mandated sentence is just one reason removal is necessary. If a person’s car is repossessed or significantly damaged, the interlock device needs to be taken out. You can take out an interlock device easily with an experienced interlock servicing company. They can take it out and install it in another vehicle quickly. Never attempt to remove interlock device setups without the help of a professional. It can hurt your case in court and result in high repair costs.

Interlock Device of New Jersey can help with any and all of your interlock device needs. We help clients across the region with installations, regular maintenance, and removal. We know our customers want their interlock ignition device handled in the most efficient manner possible. Our technicians have years of experience. Contact us today to see how we can help.