Over the past several years, more and more states are using ignition interlock devices as a drunk driving deterrent. Instead of sentencing people with fines and license suspensions, interlock devices get drivers back on the road – but without the potential for more DWIs. The repeat offender rate with drunk driving is surprisingly high. Either people struggle with alcohol addiction or make foolish decisions that put themselves and others at risk. Lawmakers and other authorities struggle with ways to deter repeat offenders from getting behind the wheel drunk. An interlock device aims to help people convicted of DWI to regain access to their car without the potential for further offenses. Here’s a breakdown of when an interlock device is an option.

First-Time Offenders

When first-time offenders have a state-specified blood alcohol level test, an interlock device can be a component of their sentence. If the tests are high, meaning there is a lot of alcohol in the blood, even first-time offenders may have to use an interlock. Usually, those convicted have their license suspended for a time. With an ignition interlock, usually mandated for a period of a few to several months, drivers have a regular reminder of the repercussions of their crime. While some may find it embarrassing to use, it’s important for drivers to remember that driving is a privilege. It’s fortunate interlock devices exist so people can continue driving after a DWI conviction.

Repeat Offenders Usually Must Install Interlock Devices

A much more common scenario involves repeat DWI offenders. Drunk driving has become such a significant problem in the US that first-time offenders often catch a break. However, repeat offenders get much less leniency from judges. Repeat offenders regularly get a mandated interlock device sentence. The devices stop tens of thousands of people from getting behind the wheel drunk each year. It’s likely that many lives have been saved as a direct result.

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